Highest Paid IPL All Rounder 2018 – Indian Premier League is not just a league for the players but a stepping stone in the careers of Indian Youngsters. IPL is the most popular and richest cricket league in the world. So most of the players are willing to take part in this league, as they can get both exposer and money from this event. As a result, many high rating international cricketers are already in this league.

IPL is not just only for the cricketers, from the last 10 years of success, it has established a huge fan base. And these crazy fans already have chosen their favourite teams and favourite players from the 8 teams. These die heart fans are willing to know their favourite player’s income from IPL and the highest paid IPL player 2018.

Highest Paid IPL All Rounder 2018

Recently IPL 11 Auction took place on 27th and 28th of January 2018 and all the 8 teams selected their players in bidding. Before the auction took place all the teams retained their 2-3 star players and released other players. While in 2018 auction the Franchises make a fresh team by buying some rated players and retained some using their Right to Match Card(RTM).

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Here we discuss some of the highest bidding all-rounder in IPL 2018. Obviously, Axar Patel, who is the highest paid all-rounder in IPL, is retained by Kings XI Punjab with an amount of 12.5 crores. Other players like Suresh RainaHardik Pandya etc. were also gone with the huge amount of 11 Crores each but here we will discuss all rounders who went high in the auction.

Now coming to the bidding, this year auction surprised almost everyone as many uncap players are sold at a higher price where many big names are unsold and some are sold at a very low price. From these players, all-rounders are the most favourite of this shortest game, as they play a vital role in the match. And yes! it’s an all-rounder who topped in the list of highest paid IPL Player 2018 and also becomes the highest paid IPL all rounder 2018.

Who is the Highest Paid All Rounder in IPL??

Not surprised at all, Englands most talented all-rounder Ben Stokes lead the table with a whopping amount of Rs. 12.5 Crore this year as the highest paid IPL all rounder 2018.

Most Expensive IPL All Rounder 2018

1. Ben Stokes (12.5 Crores)

This in-form England all rounder went to Rajasthan Royals with a whopping amount of Rs. 12.5 Crores and became the highest paid IPL all rounder 2018. Because of his all-around performances in International cricket, every franchise fight to pick him for their team. As he is in form and regarding his previous IPL, coincidentally he was also the highest paid all rounder in last season of IPL. He will take the charge of bowling and middle order batting for Rajasthan Royals and will score good runs for the team. And he now becomes one of the IPL 11 Costly batsman 2018.

2. Glenn Maxwell (9 Crores)

The In-form middle order all rounder of Australia became one of the two IPL Costliest all rounder 2018. As he is in form and did well for KXIP in previous season he was in every one’s eyes in this season. So most of the franchises bid on him to get him on their teams. But finally, it’s Delhi who makes his entry and took Maxwell at a price of 9 Crores. He is now one of the IPL most expensive all rounder in 2018.

3. Krunal Pandya (8.8 Crores)

One of the big un-expected bid in the IPL 11 was on Krunal Pandya. Who is one of the most expensive player in the IPL 2018, as Krunal was sold at a huge amount of Rs. 8.8 Crores to Mumbai Indians. Before the auction, many franchises keep an eye on this uncap player as he can be a handy all rounder for any team. Due to his hard-hitting sixes and economical bowling in the previous IPL, RCB and Rajasthan were fighting for him in the auction. But finally, Mumbai Indians use their RTM to retain Krunal at a price of Rs. 8.8 Crore. He is now one of the highest bidding all rounder in IPL 2018.

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4. Kedar Jadhav (7.8 Crores)

Once again a big surprise for everyone is in the form of Indian in-form all rounder Kedar Jadhav, who was sold to Chennai Super Kings at a price of 7.8 Crores and becomes one of the most expensive IPL player 2018. There is a fighting bid between Chennai and Hyderabad for Kedar Jadhav. Finally, Chennai bought Jadhav at a price of 7.8 Crores. With this bid, Kedar Jadhav becomes India’s 2nd highest paid IPL all rounder 2018. In IPL 11 he will play for CSK as an all rounder.

5. Ravichandran Ashwin (7.6 Crores)

The Chennai boy Ravichandran Ashwin is also on the list of IPL costliest all rounder 2018 due to his all-round performances on the field. Ravichandran Ashwin was sold to Kings XI Punjab for a sum of Rs. 7.6 Crores. But many Chennai fans are disappointed because CSK didn’t get back the homeboy to their team. But in 2018 Ashwin will play for KXIP and will prove why he is one of the costliest player in IPL 2018.

6. Chris Woakes (7.4 Crores)

This English all rounder find himself on the list of highest paid IPL all rounders 2018. Chris Woakes base price was Rs. 2 Crores. Due to his previously all-round record in the Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai and RCB fight for him to get him to their teams. But KKR doesn’t show any interest in him. Finally, at last, Royal Challengers Bangalore own the bid and add Chris Woakes in their team. Because of his huge bid price, he is one of the IPL highest paid all rounder 2018.

7. Jofra Archer (7.2 Crores)

Rajasthan Royals bought this Barbadian cricketer Jofra Archer for Rs. 7.2 Crores. He is one of the young most excited all rounder in English Country. He has emerged in the big bash league as an all rounder and in this year he becomes in the list of highest paid IPL Player 2018. He was the most unrated player before the IPL 11 auction and many fans are surprised after he bought by Rajasthan Royals as one of the costliest all rounder in IPL 2018.

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8. Andrew Tye (7.2 Crores)

This Australian all rounder finds himself in the top 8 list of highest paid IPL all rounder 2018. Andrew Tye was previously contracted by Suresh Raina’s Gujurat Lions. But this year Andrew Tye was picked by Kings XI Punjab for a sum of Rs. 7.2 Crores. He is known for his death over slow bowling and hard-hitting performances. He will play as a magic card for KXIP team. He is one of the 8 most expensive all rounder in 2018.

So these are those players who are now the highest bidding player in IPL 2018 and also they will be on the list of highest paid IPL all rounder 2018. So Guyzz comment below what you think about these players bid prices.