Highest Paid IPL Bowler 2018 – There are all most 7-8 cricket premiere leagues all over the world like BBL, PSL, IPL, BPL etc. But among them, IPL is very popular and the richest premier league. Many Cricketers around the world wanna play this league. Almost 580 players from different countries went through the auction process of this years IPL among them 361 are Indians. Among those 580 there were around 200 bowlers who went through the auction. So we listed some highest paid IPL Bowlers 2018 here.

Highest Paid IPL Bowler 2018

Though IPL is a T20 game and a batsman’s game still the popularity of bowlers never went down. A batsman may hit a six and score good runs but it is always about the bowlers who will defend the runs till the end. This is the 11th season of this famous premier league and there were 8 teams. CSK and RR are back in the game after 2 years.

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The IPL auction was held on 27 and 28 January 2018 at Bengaluru. Before the auction, there was a retaining process where teams retained 2-3 players who previously played for their teams. All teams kept all Batsman or all-rounders in the retention process except MI and SRH who retained their fast bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Bhubaneswar Kumar respectively for 7 Crores and 8.5 Crores. But here we will discuss some of the Highest bidding bowlers in IPL 2018 who went through the auction process.

Most Expensive IPL Bowler 2018

1. Jaydev Unadkat (11.5 Crores)

Last season Jaydev played well and gathered some wickets due to which he was in everyone’s eye from the starting of the auction. This Indian fast bowler was the favorite choice of every team so all bid for him and CSK and KXIP went till 10.5 and 11 crores respectively. But it was RR who bid 11.5 and bagged the player who became the Highest Paid Indian Cricketer in IPL 2018. Jaydev Unadkat, Who is the highest paid bowler in IPL will hope do well in his performances in this season too.

2. Mitchell Starc (9.4 Crores)

The inform Australian fast bowler was the favorite choice for every team due to his high-speed bowling and unplayable Yorker deliveries and also became one of the two IPL Costliest Bowler in 2018. This Inform bowler was in 16 member Marquee list of 2018 IPL. As KKR bid him for 9.4 and bring him to the team, he became the IPL most expensive bowler in 2018, overseas. He will surely make KKRs bowling line up strong.

3. Rashid Khan (9 Crores)

Due to his brilliant performances in other leagues, he was also a favorite pick in the auction. This Afghanistan Spinner became one of the IPL 11 Costly bowler 2018 as SRH, at last, bagged him for 9 Crores with the help of RTM Card. He will surely do good and take some wickets with his brilliant spell and will prove why he is one of the highest paid IPL bowler 2018.

4. Andrew Tye (7.2 Crores)

This inform Australian fast bowler played a brilliant match in BBL and became one of the strongest contenders to be in  IPL Costliest Bowler in 2018 for sure. CSK and KXIP went after him, but at last KXIP grabbed him for 7.2 Crores. He will definitely play good and make KXIP’s bowling line-up strong and will prove why he is one of the highest paid IPL bowler 2018.

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5. Gowtham Krishnappa (6.2 Crores)

This uncapped Indian spinner was the only uncapped bowler to go this high in the auction.He is one of the most expensive bowlers in 2018. RR and DD and went after him from the starting and at last RR grabbed him for 6.2 crores and made him highest bidding bowler in 2018 as an uncapped player. Surely he will play well as he is 29 years old and has a lot of experience in domestic cricket and has a great knowledge about Indian pitches.

6. Yuzvendra Chahal (6 Crores)

His brilliant performance for RCB in last season and his performance in the Indian Cricket team made him one of the  IPL Costliest Bowler 2018. All teams want to grab this bowler on their team but it was RCB who pocketed him for 6 Crores with the help of RTM Card. His experience made him one of the highest paid bowler in 2018 and surely he will do some magic figures this year also.

7. Kuldeep Yadav (5.8 Crores)

From 2014 to 2017 Kuldeep did well for KKR. He is one of the few chinaman bowlers played in IPL so his price is obviously high. All already predicted he and Chahal will be in the IPL 11 Costly bowler 2018. All teams bid for him in the auction but it was KKR who bagged the chinaman bowler with 5.8 Crores and the RTM Card. Kuldeep will surely perform well and prove his value as one of the highest bidding bowlers in IPL 2018.

8. Pat Cummins (5.4 Crores)

This Australian fast bowler went high and became one of the most expensive bowlers in 2018. His fast bowls can destroy every batsman and he is in good form so all teams went after this bowler but at last it was a bidding fight between KXIP and MI and at last, MI bagged him for 5.4 Crores and made him one of the IPL most expensive Bowler 2018.

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So these are those players who are now the highest bidding player in IPL 2018 and also they will be on the list of highest paid IPL bowler 2018. So Guyzz comment below what you think about these players bid prices.